Should You Really Be Considering A Tattoo


Getting a tattoo isn’t something that everyone wants to do, but for those that are considering it, it’s a big decision to make. Whether the first tattoo, or fourth, deciding whether to head to the parlour to get inked can leave a lot of us feeling extremely nervous, and while tattoo removal is one particular breakthrough that the spontaneous might be thankful for, it’s not something we should rely on. So how do you know when you’re really ready to get a tattoo? Should you get one at all? We’re exploring exactly that below.

What Is Your Pain Tolerance?

The pain you experience when getting a tattoo will ultimately depend on where on your body it is and what your pain tolerance can realistically stretch to. Those with low tolerance might find that the ‘cat scratch’ sensation of a tattoo is worthy of tears, while others will barely flutter an eyelid but regardless, you should probably take this into consideration. Even if you decide that you do want a tattoo, your pain tolerance could give you a better idea of the ideal place to have it done. Your thighs, shoulders, upper and lower arms, wrists, upper back and even your shin can be fairly tolerable as far as pain is considered, though some can differ from person to person. You know you best, so judge what you might be able to handle from there!

Do You Have Something In Mind?

If you don’t have an idea in mind for your first tattoo, it might be best to leave it be until you have a better idea. Having a meaningless symbol on your body, especially if you aren’t planning on having more than a couple, could be a waste of money and something that you quickly come to regret. While a simple heart is hardly going to be cringe-worthy, you may find yourself regretting taking up the space on your wrist with that symbol when you do come up with a momentous design that would’ve looked perfect right in that spot.

What’s Your Money Situation Like?

While some tattoo fans will use their savings for their next big tat, those still in the fence about jumping in the tattooists chair might want to stop and consider their financial situation. If you can’t really afford a tattoo, it’s best to step back and wait until you have enough in savings, or you’re in a better financial situation. A tattoo will be permanent, there’s no need to rush!

Have You Done Artist Research?

You need to make sure that the tattoo you want can actually be done by the artist you’ve chosen. If your local tattoo artist specialises in cartoons and you want a realistic portrait, it’s likely to be a recipe for disaster! By looking around for other parlours and their artists, you can find one that suits your desired style, tattoo design and could even provide you with further inspiration.

Is It The Right Time?

If you’re due to go on holiday in the next couple of months, it might be best to bypass getting a tattoo just yet. While most tattoos can probably heal within a month, others can take a lot longer dependant on their size and you’ll want to keep them hydrated no matter what. If you’re caking on sun tan lotion and taking a dip in a chlorine-rich pool on a daily basis, your tattoo could go patchy, fade or be prone to infection. Think about the timing before you invest!

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and there’s a lot more to it than just coming to terms with its permanency. Of course, this is a huge factor but timing, price, research and pain tolerance can all make a huge difference. The aftercare alone can take a lot of work so stop, think carefully and if you still decide you want a tattoo after sleeping on it, go into it with confidence!

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