How To Lose Weight By Following Hcg Diet


A great body is something that everyone aspires, as it doesn’t just increases the attraction quotient, but gives you a better health which everyone will envy of. But obesity is something that haunts in our life as it turned itself as the biggest threat for acquiring good health. There are several techniques have evolved to eradicate obesity both in forms of diet charts and innovative and effective physical exercise routines. But all of them carries some side effects too, capable of creating permanent damage to your body. So it is always advisable to go through all the consequences related to the fitness routine that you are following. Considering several weight-losing techniques, it could well be said that following an HCG diet is one of the most effective techniques as it produces fast results without affecting your health. It is probably the most convenient and hassle-free way of losing weight. So here is some information for you to go about in a proper way without wandering around with vague usages that may lead you to the negatives instead of positives.

What Is HCG?

HCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a female hormone that effuses during pregnancy. The HCG used as diet supplement is the same thing but produced in the laboratory. It has been proved in scientific research that if one intakes HCG everyday of specific amount, ranging between 125 IU to 200 IU, he will easily be able to lose 1 to 3 pounds of weight on a daily basis. To use HCG more effectively, it has to be complimented with VLCD, or very low calorie diet. The hormone not only reduces the weight, but eradicates bad eating habits. It helps you to adapt better food habits of eating low calorie diet.

Increase the Will Power

It is generally conceived fact that an effective fitness routine always demands self-determination on the part of yours to project a long term approach. If you are following HCG diet chart, it will be of no exception. You must promise yourself that you won’t indulge in frequent departures once you start the routine. For trivial knowledge, HCG resets your hypothalamus according to your newly adapted weight, which may bless you with occasional indulgence to the maximum limit of once in a week. But you should take this as withdrawal effect you should continue your process of gathering yourself for acquiring better food habit for the sake of better health.

Good Fat Is Good

To be more precise with the diet chart, consider what kind of fat you are eating. You have to distinctly identify the nature of the fat to get the best possible result. Trans fats are unhealthy under any given condition, thus it has to avoided. There are several sources of fat that containing omega 3, 6 and 9, which is considered to be good for health as they reduce the process of inflammation in your body. These ‘good’ fats should be taken in appropriate amount in order to achieve better shape. These types of fats are available in avocados, coconut oil or fish oil. You can get account of more sources from your HCG diet adviser.

Find Yourself an HCG Dietitian

As there are several online guidelines and tutorials regarding the methodology for following HCG diet, so many dieters prefer to continue their HCG fact on their own. Although the tips available online are expert opinions and won’t lead you to a disaster, it is always advisable to have a specialized HCG dietitian who can guide you in a proper way so that you won’t go into a wrong direction. Availability of trained HCG dietitian is increasing every day, so it won’t be problem for you find one for yourself in a clinic near you.

Be Sincere, Be Open

It is rightfully observed fact that one has to undergo a strict fitness routine, both in terms of dieting and exercise. Fitness always seeks great determination on your part once you have taken the oath of acquiring better health and physique. The HCG diet is of no exception, as it only shows its effectiveness if the prescribed HCG intake is being complemented by VLCD. As the availability of cheap HCG is increasing day by day, it is wise a option to take up this form of diet practice. You may have acquired all the primary knowledge required for you before opting for cheap HCG. So now you are all set to go forth and have a fresh and healthy start. It is undoubtedly the most convenient and effective way of losing weight as millions of people adapted this. So don’t wait before you gain couple of pounds more.

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