How to Lose Weight Using HCG Drops


Do you know that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops i.e. HCG drops can allow you to reduce weight by up to 30 pounds in a month? Yes, this is an average of 14 kgs per month. HCG drops also help in boosting your body fitness as they allow your body to utilize the supplements you take. Using HCG drops is a simple route to achieving a better and healthier body, this is because they give you many health benefits at once. These include; weight reduction and physical fitness among others.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops natural hormonal supplements that play a vital role in weight loss. Weight loss through the use of HCG drops is made possible by helping burn down body fat present in areas such as; around the thighs, arms, and the waist region.

Are HCG drops Proven to Work in Clinical Studies?

Research about the effectiveness of HCG drops started in the early ? Dr. Daniel Belluscio established the first HCG Research Center to research about the benefits and consequences of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops for weight loss. In his research Centre, he brought out various blind studies all showing the high effectiveness of HCG drops in weight loss. About the difference between the oral HCG drops and injection, both were found to show similar effectiveness in performing their role in weight loss. However, the oral HCG drops had an added advantage since they do not inflict pain on the user as it is the case with their injection counterparts. HCG drops were found to be highly effective since they offer perfect weight loss and at the same time keep you healthy and physically fit.

Alternatively, scores of weight loss experts and medical practitioners all over the world sell HCG drops. This shows that they are widely known to work perfectly in weight loss. All the weight loss experts who prescribe the HCG drops to their customers assure their clients that what they get from this drugs is nothing short of the best weight loss solution. Users are also advised to keep off poor eating habits once they attain the weight they were aspiring to achieve. By this, users are advised to keep off from junk foods and other foods that would distort their newly acquired body weight. Using HCG drops, cheating in the weight loss scheme is not possible since your weight loss is proportional to the amount of self-disciplined you exercise during the whole weight loss program. The correlation of HCG drops use in weight loss, and physical fitness makes them a perfect choice for many people.

How do HCG Drops Work in Enhancing Weight Loss?

On the natural life system, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is available in both men and women. In women, it works during gestation since they produce it more during this period. At this time, it sends an impulse to the hypothalamus alerting it to influence fat storage and metabolic rate in the body. This ensures that the unborn baby gets enough nutrients from the mother to sustain his/her life. HCG drops facilitate weight reduction by improving the body’s metabolic rate to allow the body lose fats faster without causing any harm to the body muscles. Throughout the period of using the HCG drops, ensure that you take over 100 ounces of water per day to ensure the success of the HCG diet plan.

How to Use the HCG Drops

For effective performance of the HCG drops diet plan, the prescribed procedure should be keenly. Followed as stipulated by the supplier. The program of use is as outlined below. It can be divided

Into two i.e. a three-week program and a six-week program as summarized below:

  1. 3-Week program (23 Days)
    Includes the following steps:
  • Step 1: Taking HCG drops from day 1 to 2
  • Step 2: Taking a Low-Calorie diet from day 3 to day 21
  • Step 3: Stabilization; from day 22 to 43
  • Step 4: Preserving the attained body weight; from day 43 forever
  1. 6-Week program (43 Days)
  • Step 1: Taking HCG drops from day 1 to 2
  • Step 2: Embarking on a Low-Calorie Diet from day 3 to day 42
  • Step 3: Stabilization; from day 43 to 64
  • Step 4: Preserving the attained body weight; from day 64 forever

Following any of the above-listed plans strictly helps you achieve weight loss and other health benefits rapidly.

Conclusion and Recommendation

HCG drops are the incredible weight loss solution. Also, they have other advantages for their users. If you are overweight and would like to get the benefits mentioned above, order the HCG drops and you will for sure get the benefits mentioned above.

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