Cream, strawberries & hazelnut flavor – favorites amid the many all-day vape e-liquids


Taste, aroma and flavor are terms that cannot be used interchangeably. A little research on it suggests that taste is that sense of feeling inside of the mouth, aroma– the sense of smell in the nose and flavor is the distinctive and stimulating tang of both taste and the aroma. And here we are amidst the unbounded and the many altered flavors that embrace us in the world of e-juices or e-liquids. This flavored liquid which vaporizes in an e-cigarette is made of Propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) or a combination of both along with natural or artificial flavors to create exotic and distinctive flavor. A perfect flavored ejuice depends on the right ratio of the Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin base, nicotine content, water and flavor notes.

About E-juices / e-liquids

There are close to over 700 unique e-juice flavors selling in the global vaping industry and to mention a few among the top 10 that is revolutionizing and crafted to stand in the crowd are the cream and strawberries and hazelnut flavored e-juices.

Types of E-juices (few mentioned below)

Cream and strawberries e-juice

This is an expensive e-juice and has a 70% VG /30% PG which means there’s a medium amount of vapor cloud and a softer throat hit. It is known to be an All Day vape (ADV) and is preferred by users due to its exceedingly well balanced fruit and strawberry flavor and perfect decadent touch sweetness to be enjoyed throughout the day. The nicotine levels are from 0 to 18 mg/ml. The cream and strawberries e-juice is a thicker consistency liquid and has a rich creamier and smooth texture.

Hazelnut e-juice

Hazelnut ejuice is a green colored vape when used individually and has this smooth buttery and nutty flavor. The taste is enhanced and is awesome when it comes in together with flavors like vanilla, cream and coffee. There are few who would not like what the e-juice has to offer (the chocolatey and caramel taste)as it compliments to many a flavor profiles and is used as a mainstay in the rotation of flavor in an All-day vape (ADV). Such flavors are like those few handful, unique and limited divine flavors available today. The nicotine levels are from 0 to 18 mg/ml. They have the 50PG/50VG Blend and so is a fairly thick e-liquid and emits moderate amount of vapor.

If you have a sweet tooth and remember those childhood days of candies and can’t forget those candy tastes, then you have to try the new candy flavor e-liquids. So, do not hesitate to try the different flavors of e liquids every time you buy a e liquid and also try to mix different flavors and try.

As mentioned above, there is an array of e-juices flavors available today and one could actually use them according to one’s mood or state. So you have plenty of flavors at your disposal to try and your taste buds to get working on. So, enjoy your vape and celebrate the flavors.

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