Pesticides and Its Effects on Pregnancy


Obviously, it will have negative impacts on pregnant ladies. Pesticides are harmful to all, but when you are pregnant, you are in a sensitive position and the impacts of certain materials can be deadly. But, there are pesticides in everything. From the bug spray of your home to the vegetables you bring from themarket, they are kind of omnipotent. How to avoid pesticides during pregnancy? You will get enough information on this. Read on to know more-

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals which are used to kill pests in your home. Apart from that, these are also used to control pests to destroy plants and corps. Today, the usage of pesticides has increased a lot and that is polluting whatever you eat or drink. The corps are getting toxic and when those get mixed with water bodies, the fishes are also getting poisonous. Through eatables, pesticides reach your body and affect in various ways.

How Do People Are Exposed to Pesticides?

There are lots of ways people get exposed to pesticides. Usually, they inhale them, absorb them through theskin or ingest by mouth. Pesticides used at corps are the main source of exposure. Other than that, many of you use bug spray and pest repellents at home which affect you a lot.

Effects of Pesticides during Pregnancy

According to lots of studies and researchers, it has been proved that exposure to pesticides can cause adverse effects on the health of pregnant lady and her unborn kid. It is proved that pesticides are the reason for causing cognitive and neurologic problems in the baby after birth. A study, made by the Harvard School of Public Health has proved that pregnant ladies, who are exposed to a group of pesticides, like organochlorines, may cause attention deficit hyperactive disorder in the child. Even, exposure to pesticides can affect the IQ level of a child after birth.

How to Stay Away from Pesticides during Pregnancy?

Now, this is really difficult. If you stop using any bug spray at home, how to avoid edible objects? And pesticides come from those elements the most. Therefore, there are certain effective tips to protect against pesticides. Read on to know more-

  • Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables which are free from pesticides.
  • Control using bug spray and mosquito repellent lesser at home.
  • When such sprays are used, you can stay away from the area.
  • Maintain certain habits to control pests, entering into your house.
  • Have a specific space for eating. And never leave any crumbs or spills anywhere in your house.
  • Seal all the crevices and cracks in your house to keep bugs away.
  • Always use dustbins with lids so that no pests can enter inside it.
  • You can use natural pesticides, like borax and sugar solution or Epsom salt to get rid of pests.

While you are pregnant, you need to take good care of yourself and your baby. Follow healthy tips and stay well. Enjoy your pregnancy without any complications.

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