Some dos and don’ts of pregnancy that would go on to surprise you


Pregnancy is a time when you are in overdrive mode. The bundle of joy is about to arrive soon and all steps need to be taken at your own end so that they strive in a healthy environment. Just like pregnancy infections medicine you need to ensure that a healthy pregnancy is the order of the day. Infections treatments during pregnancy can be cured if detected at an early stage.  But there are certain things that you need to keep an eye on when you become pregnant.

Opt for a multivitamin

A diet that is balanced and rich in nutrients and vitamins is the best bet when you are pregnant. This works wonders for your baby but you need to figure out that a healthy diet might not be ok for a developing baby.

With prenatal vitamins you do get high dose of certain nutrients that mothers require than the recommended doses. These vitamins detect the chances of any birth defects and contribute to the development of the infant. The doctor is the best position who can guide you about the multivitamin or nutrients that you need to take at this point of time. A general word of caution, do not take more than one dose of multivitamin than the prescribed dose. There are some vitamins that in higher quantities that could be harmful to the baby.

Do avoid smoking

If you are a smoking mother the chances are pretty high that you are going to have a low weight baby or the chances of physical deformities increase in comparison to mothers who are not known to smoke. In addition the chances of the kids picking up smoking also increase at an early age due to the addiction of nicotine.

Try to avail lots of sleep when you are pregnant

Anxiety or certain levels of stress could make things exclusive during the nine months of pregnancy. This is a demanding phase and all the more so during the last few months, where you do need a lot of sleep

If you feel tired do take a nap whenever it is possible. Nine hours of sleep is a definite must and have a bed time schedule in place. When you are suffering from fatigue it does indicate to the situation that the body does need ample amount of rest. If you take proper rest it assures a healthy pregnancy on all counts.

Stay away from alcohol

Do stay away from alcohol when you are pregnant as it may hamper the development of your baby. If you are into it the chances of a baby being born with symptom of FAS does increase considerably. The baby have problems coping up in terms of learning abilities, are known to suffer from physical deformities along with chances of low birth baby.

Even if you consume alcohol in small quantities this could pose a definite problem. Do discuss with your doctor if you are facing issues with consumption of alcohol.

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