Smoking is very relaxing, it’s a quick fix to nervousness, anxiety and even just your general type stress. But, it can be a quickly escalating habit from just a few puffs to a craving of a pack per day. Now either way the adverse effects of smoking make it a purely unhealthy and sometimes just plain dirty habit. Did you know that there can be skin improvement after quitting smoking Quitting smoking cannot be easy most people who are excessively smoking can honestly say they have thought about or tried quitting smoking at one point or another.

It would be easier to quit the smoking in phases with a very clear plan:

Start by winning yourself off the cigarettes slowly. Trust me moving from just about a packet per day habit to cold turkey can prove to have adverse effects and almost impossible. The Nicotine withdrawal side effects can be even more exacerbated by just flinging your system from complete reliance to no nicotine. Chose to slowly get rid of the habit start small from a pack a week to a cigarette a day and then maybe to cold turkey. Get your body prepped for the journey.

Get a nicotine replacement. There are lozenges and gum to even prescription drugs from a physician that can help manage the side effects of going cold turkey. The headaches, and mood swings can be treated by getting you a temporary replacement source for the addictive nicotine in the cigarettes.

Clear out your spaces. You know your office or your home has that hidden stash just in case of an emergency. Clear all of it out. Even the paraphernalia that will remind you of the sweet times you could smoke. Get rid of them. Keep your environment clean and get rid of any reminder as you try to quit.

Get yourself someone who you would be accountable to; a loved one or a colleague who you can make aware that want to quit smoking. It gives you the extra motivation and the necessary shame to quit.

Those simple steps can help you to prepare and also through the quitting smoking journey.

There are also some general tips not to forget:

If at first you don’t succeed just keep trying. Don’t give up just because you failed to quit today, let tomorrow be your new day one. Keep at it until finally you can quit smoking completely.

Reward yourself for the small milestones from as little as one day without smoking to a month and so forth. Let the reward be the little joys you look forward to.It’s great to have a reason for quitting smoking. Maybe it could be for the sake of your family, to reach a goal weight that you want, or anything else that will keep you going through the days when it is proving a little difficult to go on.

Avoid triggers. Stress and alcohol are major triggers; if you want to quit smoking avoid those things, situations and people who you know will have you rushing to get yourself a smoke.

The journey to being smoking free has such major benefits from the first day; your body will be experiencing major healthy changes. And everyday smoking free adds a number of days into your life.

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