Perfect Growth of Microgreens Now


The microgreens are germinated to which we let grow a little more until they have the two cotyledons and the stem and sometimes also a pair of definitive leaves. They have many nutritional advantages and are very tasty to make salads and other dishes. They are very easy to grow and we can do it both outdoors and indoors.

The Use of the Coconut Fibre

They will place a layer of coconut fiber, vermiculite, perlite or similar in the bottom of the tray. We spread the seeds and cover with a thin layer of 6-7 mm substrate depending on the type of seed since not all need the same depth of cultivation. After watering very carefully not to drag the seeds, it will be better to use a bottle with spray for it. We will place the trays in a warm place, if we have a perfect cultivation mat and if we can place them on the refrigerator or any appliance that gives off heat. To keep the humidity it is convenient to cover the tray with a plastic. From Green Belt Microgreens the deals are perfect.

  • Currently, microgreens are one of the most famous gastronomic crops, because thanks to their characteristics, they are increasingly appreciated by the Chefs, because of the variety of textures, aromas and colors that add beauty and dimension to their creations; Likewise, because of their properties, they add important nutritional richness.
  • Microgreens are nutritious, balanced and healthy foods that, by including them in a balanced diet, help to strengthen the intestinal flora thanks to its concentration of enzymes that can improve the digestive processes and regenerate the blood, all this allows to initiate a cycle of detoxification and purification in the body, which favors the immune system. It is important to mention that they are low in calories, but rich in vitamins A, C and E, so they are ideal for reducing body weight without harming your health.

Simple Option

Cultivating them is very simple, it also proves to be very economical and safe, because when doing this cultivation at home, it is possible to guarantee that the process is carried out correctly and in a clean way, with which to take advantage of all the benefits that microgreens It should be noted that before starting with the production of these, it is important to confirm that the seeds chosen do not contain any kind of fungicide or pesticide because, because of their short growing period, it will not be possible to eliminate such substances seeds.

To grow microgreens at home, just need: a tray, substrate, seeds and black plastic to cover the tray. The first step after you have collected all the materials is to moisten the substrate well and place the seeds (approximately 100 grams), so you should cover the seeds with black plastic to give them darkness and higher temperature. During this process, regular irrigation should be done to maintain a constant humidity, but it is important to avoid excess water to benefit the germination.

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