Do You Have Dentures That Need Repair


If you want to keep your dentures in good shape and make sure they fit, it is helpful to replace your dentures approximately every seven years. During the interim, you may need to have your dentures repaired.

Common Denture Repairs

Some of the most common denture repairs include the following:

  • A denture reline. To fit in the mouth securely, sometimes a denture needs a reline. This is considered one of the best denture repairs in Cheltenham as it makes a patient feel less self-conscious about possible slippage. To make this repair, a technician resurfaces the side of the denture so that it fits more comfortably.
  • A denture rebase. A rebase involves the complete remaking of the pink acrylic that holds the prosthetic teeth in place. The replacement teeth are applied to the new acrylic base.
  • A denture adjustment. If your denture rubs against your gums, you may experience soreness. When this happens, an adjustment can be made to relieve the discomfort.

How the Jaws and Gums Affect Denture Wear

As you get older, your mouth tends to change shape. For example, your jaws may fall out of alignment as your gums and bones naturally shrink or recede. In turn, your dentures will not fit comfortably. When dentures do not fit well, it can lead to mouth sores or infections. Whether you need a denture repair or replacement, you should count on the same dental lab to perform the service.

Other Lab Services

Dental labs also provide restorations such as crowns, max crowns, and zirconia crowns. You can also have mouth guards made at a full service lab.

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