Crowdfunding for Dental Care


Crowdfunding has increasingly become the best alternative to medical insurance as private medical care in India is very expensive. Harvard-incubated Impact Guru is one of the most well known crowdfunding platforms in India, having raised 600 crores of rupees in terms of medical crowdfunding, NGO crowdfunding etc. This crowdfunding is often done to save people from a number of diseases: cancer, liver diseases etc being the most common. Yet, one area of human frailty is frequently untouched with Crowdfunding and that is dental care.

A lot of medical insurance companies do not provide separate dental insurance but illnesses of the teeth, gums and mouth can be very expensive to treat. This begins right from root canal surgery to hundreds of other conditions someone’s teeth may develop and their treatments: scaling to sealants to cancer treatment of the gums. Therefore, there are many people who might find themselves in trouble with treatment of their teeth. A major misconception with dental care is that it is a luxury and that dental care is about beautifying oneself. However, this is not the case as the above paragraphs explain. The teeth and the gums are as prone to illnesses as the rest of the human body.

You may be someone who is experiencing major issues with your teeth and gums. Or, you might be someone willing to forward the message that dental care is important. In both cases, you will need finances to do so. This is where we come in. With crowdfunding, you can gather like-minded people and approach them to donate to your cause, all through the power of the internet. So how is this done? The first step is to go to Impact Guru’s website Now, go to ‘start a fundraiser’ option. It takes literally 5 minutes to start a fundraiser. Do remember to write down your causes very clearly in this along with uploading supporting documents.

We at Impact Guru have Campaign Managers for every project. One of our managers will get in touch with you as soon as you start a fundraiser. We have a reach of over 15 countries and as you post your fundraiser on social media and we help you spread it all over the world, money will start pouring in. All of this will be done online so you do not have to go through any offline hassle trying to get loans! We release money within 48 hours. So, you can be sure of a quick, hassle free way of saving your teeth!

Remember that dental care should not be a luxury. It is unfortunate enough that it is considered so. Do not fall into this sentiment that it is. Your teeth and gums are important and can be home to a hundred issues. If you experience any issue with them at all, you should go to the dentist. And do not worry about money. There are always people like us at Impact Guru, waiting to help you as part of our job.

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