Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis


Mayo Clinic medical facility encourages those diagnosed with cancer to take some time for themselves, focusing on coping strategies. The upcoming months may be challenging, with additional stress and concern on you and your family. Focus on how you want to approach upcoming treatment and changes, anticipating how you can find comfort and the help you need. The following are four things you may want to consider:

1. Understand What Lies Ahead

The diagnosis is the start of a journey. On this path, you may encounter feelings, treatment and symptoms you never expected. Don’t hide from it; speak openly with your medical staff about what could happen. Learn about potential treatments, your current cancer stage, survival statistics, and the value of mentality and healthy choices. In addition, ask about bodily changes and treatment side effects.

2. Establish a Medical Plan

While you may not have control of the disease, you do have the ability to manage what treatment you have and how others work with you. Find a medical advisor that you like and trust. Then, walk through the various options to heal you and your body. In addition, inquire about multiple locations for an ambulatory infusion center Chicago IL. Chemo takes a toll on you physically and mentally. Select a place that focuses on easing your worries and making you relax.

3. Focus on Healthy Eating

Talk with your family members about how you plan to eat. Do you want to follow a specific diet, cleansing your body of harmful ingredients? Then make that clear and request that other foods be kept away. Processed foods and plates full of sugar and carbs may not provide the strength you need. Stock the fridge with what you enjoy but also what could increase your energy levels.

Cancer is scary. Work with your loved ones and medical staff to find a way to cope with the trying times.

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