Bidet Benefits For Your Butt Health Conditions


A bidet is an exceptional addition to a toilet and bath for families who want to promote and improve their health and hygiene. For one, a bidet is used to thoroughly and quickly clean up oneself after using the toilet. Second, there is less to no fear at all of the spread of germs as one washes self-hands-free. Usually, bacteria quickly spread from hands to faucet, doorknob, or soap dispenser if not cleaned properly.

Aside from minimizing if not entirely eliminating the spread of bacteria, Kohler Toilet Seatsare also helpful in preventing and giving relief to health problems. Enumerated here are some health issues that with use of a bidet can provide comfort and in many cases, prevent symptoms and improve the condition.


A bidet is a bathroom fixture with a stream of water coming from it to clean one’s behind after each toilet use. Thus, imagine the comfort it gives to a person as the water seems to massage the anal area. This massaging sensation stimulates bowel movement for many individuals. Health experts considered it as a harmless and natural way to deal with constipation.

Likewise, for persons with difficulty in emptying bowels, water provides a soothing sensation, unlike a toilet paper which may even cause the skin to dry. Besides, there are some toilet papers with scents and additives that all the more cause irritation.

Anal Itching

Anal itching is a usual symptom of a variety of situations, mostly related to internal medical issues like parasite infection, yeast infection, and bacterial infection. Sometimes, the anal itching is brought by diarrhea, leaking stool, and even sexually transmitted diseases. Others also experience anal itching if they do not clean their anal region thoroughly after a bowel movement and a fecal matter was left behind which causes the itching sensation.

The use of a bidet instantly gives relief to the itching problem. Because water can be soothing, it somehow provides comfort to that area. All the more that one will feel satisfied if the bidet unit has an adjustable water temperature. Warm water will instantly help lessen the itching and swelling of the area.


Hemorrhoids are varicose veins near the anus which can be very painful. They usually develop or commonly happen during pregnancy or if one is constipated. Hemorrhoids typically occur, too, to people who are overweight because there is excessive pressure on their pelvic veins.

The soothing water sprays from the bidet, exceptionally if warm, gives instant relief. The regular use of a bidet also reduces swelling, even bleeding, and the irritating feeling of the affected area; this is because the water from the bidet cools the inflamed hemorrhoids plus thoroughly cleans the anal area.

Crohn’s Disease

An inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s Disease affects the gastrointestinal tract. Its symptoms include diarrhea, bleeding from the rectum with bowel movements, and painful behind. For some women, they experience loss of regular menstrual cycle.

With the use of a bidet, the fresh water gives relief, minimizing the discomfort and soreness one feels from behind.

Bidet Benefits for Your Butt Health Conditions

There are bidets now with advanced features from water temperature control to seat temperature control and warm air dryers. These features all the more give instant relief to those suffering from butt health conditions.

So if you are suffering from any of the circumstances as mentioned above, perhaps is the time to install a bidet at home. More than promoting cleanliness, a bidet gives comfort, improves health conditions, and even prevents symptoms of butt health conditions from occurring.

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